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This Episode
Invite you to listen in on our interview with Jim Cuddy, lead singer of Blue Rodeo. It becomes quite clear what makes his lyrics so powerful, he is a quality character with quality beliefs and values.
After listening to this interview with Jim, which we shot last year, it gave new insight into his lyrics on their new double cd, Things We Left Behind, especially the catchiest tune on the cd, Sheba!!
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About The Show
Self Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success
Follow along with us this season and hear success stories of the Captains of Industry, Order of Canada recipients, and/or Canadian Icons.
As these people are showcased, listen for the role Self Awareness played.
Then ask yourself, where More Focus, could bring you greater success?
What if we consider the wall of Quality?
The ultimate goal of performance, is to meet or exceed expectations.
Easy enough to ‘know’ intellectually, and we still need to ‘know’ what others want and those expectations vary from person to person, customer to customer...